Indirect release systems

Protect your facility with Indirect Release Low-Pressure (ILP) fire protection systems from Firetrace

Firetrace’s fire protection – indirect release systems use the Firetrace Tube as a “Fire Detection” and “System Activation” device, not as the discharge tube.

Once the tubing senses the fire, it then ruptures – resulting in a drop of pressure causing the Indirect Valve to activate. This diverts flow from the detection tube to the larger outlet ports.

Then the fire suppression system kicks in – the Extinguishing Agent is discharged from the cylinder through the diffuser nozzles, flooding the area in a proprietary mix of fire extinguishing chemicals, effectively suppressing the fire quickly and thoroughly.

This system is typically used in larger areas that require a high volume of Extinguishing Agents, to effectively suppress the fire.

Multiple diffuser nozzles may be added to meet the specific application requirements.