The revolutionary automatic gas-based fire suppression system used to protect enclosed areas like servers racks, PC Racks, UPS racks, air-conditioning and any other electronic devices with cubic capacity up to 0.5 m^3.

The system consist of one poliamide tube with diameter od 18 mm and 100cm lenght, which includes 0,25 kg of extinguish gas called FM200 (heptafluoropropane). This extinguish system is being activated at latest 6 seconds after the temperature reaches the peaking point. The polyamide tube breaks in the place of highest temperature or flame smelt. The extinguish gas slakes the fire preventing the secured space from spreading the danger of fire. The very important fact is that the extinguish agent doesn’t spoil the electronics parts even the device is during it works. The PROTENG System is fully automatic and doesn’t require handling, the system will be activated immediately once the fire will be detected. It saves human’s life and property 24/7. The functionality and reliability of our system is proven by the fact that it’s used in the places where the fire safety is one of the most important factor, such like server rooms in the global producer of innovative medical products (Baxter Poland Sp. z o.o.), Kościół Pokoju w Świdnicy (church on UNESCO list), Markos (producer of wind power plant’s elements), nuclear power plants in Slovakia and Russian Federation, server rooms in J&T Bank in Prague, public transportation companies in Prague, Ostrava, Bratislava, Kosice, Slovak army buildings and vehicles

Advantages of PROTENG Electro system:

  • Simple installation
  • 2 years warranty
  • 15 years lifetime of extinguish agent
  • Reliable and effective- extinguishes the fire before it spreads
  • No user operation needed- fully automatic
  • No side effects for devices and human?s health nor life
  • No electrical power needed
  • The system can protect high-voltage installations, up to 5000V
  • After extinguish the fire, extinguish agent evaporates, leaving the area clean


  • Slakes the fire immediatelly
  • Cools down the area
  • It doesn’t cause the corrosive effects on metal part, no reaction on electronic parts nor polymer elements
  • No health or human?s life danger

Technical specification:

  • Weight of PROTENG Electro system: 0.430 kg
  • Amount of fire extinguish agent: 0.25 kg
  • Tube material- Polyamid
  • Lenght of the tube: 100 cm, diameter: 18mm
  • Gas pressure in peak temperature: 15 bar