Xtralis is a world leader and pioneer in the field of fire safety, and its VESDA aspirating smoke detection system is the undisputed No. 1 brand in the world.

VESDA systems protect millions of investments worldwide, the functioning and security of which is ensured by our system.

Fire protection is mainly the protection of human life. Investment security in terms of the continuity of operation of a Data Center facility, detection of large spaces, protection of high storage warehouses, protection in difficult weather conditions are tasks that should be entrusted to the best system.

With today’s technological development, it is not possible to effectively protect the server room without the use of an aspirating system.

What is VESDA?

The VESDA Aspirating Smoke Detection System is a combination of a highly sensitive smoke detection system and a modular design of devices. The laser analytical chamber of the VESDA system is characterized by very high sensitivity and thanks to the ability to detect trace amounts of smoke, it is able to provide the earliest possible warning of a fire hazard. The modular design of the VESDA system gives the user the flexibility to build a system precisely tailored to his requirements, while reducing costs to a minimum by eliminating unnecessary equipment. The original design of the system also guarantees low maintenance costs.

VESDA is an active smoke detection system that continuously draws air from a fire zone for analysis in order to detect the presence of smoke. The air is sucked in by an integrated suction pump, thanks to which the system is not dependent on the presence of air currents in the vicinity of the detector, which can deliver smoke particles to it. This ensures the effective operation of the VESDA system in all conditions – from very intensive air exchange to the lack of it.

The driving element of this process is a suction pump that sucks air through a network of suction tubes (main and capillary) connected to the manifold inlet manifold. The tubes have suction openings through which air is sucked in. An important element of each detector is a filter with a two-chamber design, which stops even the smallest mechanical particles contained in the sucked air, thus contributing to the optimal protection of the head against damage.

Which VESDA detector?

The VESDA system is available in three series: VESDA Standard , VESDA Premium , VESDA Industrial .

VESDA detectors are available in various versions to provide functionality in many facilities, industries and applications. From small to very large open spaces and from the cleanest to the dirtiest working environments. The VESDA system provides reliable detection at multiple levels with varying levels of sensitivity.

Coverage area2,000 m 22,000 m 26 500 m 2
Sensitivity threshold Fire 10.015% / m0.01% / m0.001% / m
Maximum pipe length400560800
A / B / C holes60/60/10040/80/10080/80/100


VESDA detectors provide protection in many industries with various applications:

  • Server rooms
  • Telecommunication
  • Power engineering
  • Industrial factories
  • Magazines
  • Accommodation (hotels, shops, offices)
  • Penal establishments
  • Sterile rooms
  • Frosty, cold stores
  • Hospitals, clinics
  • Sea objects
  • Nuclear facilities
  • Gas stations

The VESDA system is a modular structure. Each system can be equipped with VESDA ECO modules detecting the entire range of gases. These modules give the possibility of extending the operation of VESDA devices, giving an integrated system of smoke, gas and environmental monitoring. VESDA ECO detectors use the existing VESDA pipe network.